Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas is Coming!

I hope you like the rather lovely candid (and this was actually candid, not 'posed' candid, haha) photo of my mum!

It's the first of December, woo yeah! 
I think it's safe to say that we can definitely start getting into the Christmas-y spirit... although I have been in the Christmas-y spirit since the end of August (ridiculous, right?).

A couple nights ago the 'Coca-Cola' van visited my town, and of course, I took my wonderful camera because I wanted to share the experience with all of you and hope to get you into a festive mood if aren't in one already!
Up until this year I didn't know that the Coca-Cola vans existed, I just thought they were used for the Christmas adverts for Coke, but then a friend of mine (also a Christmas crazy person, like me) was discussing Christmas with me and told me that visiting the van was a family tradition of hers and I thought that was amazing! I wanted a Coca-Cola van tradition! So, I spoke to my parents and they weren't feeling very festive and thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to get into the festive spirit! It was definitely a fusion of festivity and I would definitely recommend going! The van is still touring to a couple of towns and you can find out if your town hasn't been visited yet on the Coca-Cola website... but if not, there's always next year!

I decided to wrap up nice and warm and cosy to go to this event because it was absolutely freezing! Minus two degrees! It's definitely Winter now! 
I wore:
Bobbly hat : New Look
Scarf : Primark
Jumper : TopShop
Coat : New Look
Disco Pants : American Apparel
Shoes : Converse

I hope you enjoyed this mid-week blog post! I thought it would be nice for the first of December!
When do you start feeling festive? Are you also a Christmas crazy person?
And remember 'Holidays are coming', until next time...

Ps. I promise this isn't sponsored by Coke... although it does look like it! 
Pps. I would like to thank the girl who let me use her hands as a model for my photograph ... you had some pretty cool gloves!

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