Friday, 26 August 2016

A Trip to Brighton | My Day Diary

Hello my lovelies! How are you all on this beautiful, sunny day?
Today I have a bit of a different post, something I haven't done before...
my first day diary post.

Last week I went on a trip to Brighton with my mum and younger brother (oh, joy) and thought I would show you what we got up to (and when I say we, I mean me and my mum because my brother spent the whole day trying to catch pokemon) so enjoy!
*Disclaimer: I am deeply apologetic for the quality of these photo's... I forgot my camera battery and had to take them on my phone*

This was my OOTD. It was rather hot so I wore an outfit that was very light and breezy:
Top : New Look
Shorts : New Look
Cardigan : Hollister
Shoes : Converse
Bag : Jack Wills

First of all we decided to walk down all the lovely lanes and do a little bit of shopping and window browsing. They felt almost like secret passages, the lanes are definitely my favourite part of Brighton!

As we continued through the lanes we found this lovely homeware shop called 'England at Home', it was beautiful! Very vintage and very me! I'd never seen this shop before then so I was rather excited to make a new homeware shop discovery because being a girl who is obsessed with homeware, I'm always looking for new shops!

Is it just me or does this lane remind you slightly of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter?

We then had a quick stop at costa to cool down (because it was 24 flipping' degrees celsius, not that i'm complaining) before carrying on exploring the wonders of Brighton. I had a caramel frappe as per usual, my brother had the peach lemonade which I should have got because it was absolutely delicious and my mum had an iced mocha.

We then carried on through the lanes and came across this rather cute cafe, I can't quite remember the name. We didn't have time to go in but the next time I go to Brighton I will definitely pop into this cafe for an ice cream!

After walking through the lanes for a long while, we came across some bigger brand names and decided to do a little bit of shopping... whoops!
We first went to M.A.C and I didn't pick anything up this time but I did love browsing through the lipsticks which could be mistaken for a rainbow with the amount of colour choices they have.
Next was Ted Baker and I bought a gorgeous shirt; collared of course. I will put a full photo of the shirt up on my instagram, so make sure you are following that.
Then we went to Lush and I picked up the Mask of Magnanimity face mask as I have been breaking out a lot recently and acne has been rather bad and I was recommended to try this so if you would like a review just let me know!
Finally we went to Jack Wills just for a quick browse so I didn't pick anything up but there were lots of lovely pieces that I might pick up soon... haha!

We then decided to roam around the famous Brighton Pier! It reminded me so much of San Francisco. And may I just say the view of the sea from the pier was beautiful!

And lastly to finish of the wonderful day out in the beautiful Brighton, we decided to have a walk along the pebbly beach.

Overall, I really did like Brighton and would love to go back for a longer visit. I especially loved the little lanes and the independent cafes and shops!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was VERY long so I hope it didn't bore you too much! Let me know what you thought of it!
See you very soon!


Monday, 22 August 2016

Rimmel 15th Anniversary Lipstick by Kate

Hello my lovely blog readers! How are you on this fine Monday?
Today I thought I would review a fairly new collection of lipsticks that has just hit the drugstores and been brought to my attention... the Rimmel 15th Anniversary Lipsticks by Kate Moss.

There are 6 lipsticks in the collection; three reds (Obviously! This is Kate Moss we're talking about!) and three nudes. Now I don't have all of them, I only have four but I will explain what the other two lipsticks look like.
So I picked up a few of these lipsticks for a fairly affordable price of £6.49 each.
Anyway, on with the review!

Muse Red
A beautiful red, not too bright but definitely not dull. This is absolutely perfect Christmas... yes, I am talking about Christmas in August! I think this red would look amazing on pale skin especially.

Retro Red
A stunning red with purple-y blue-y undertones. This is my definitely favourite red from the collection. I think this shade is perfect just as we're coming up to Autumn. Again, I think this shade would look amazing on anyone with fair skin.

Idol Red
This is the last red in the collection (that I don't have) and its very similar to 'Muse Red' but 'Idol Red' its slightly brighter with slight blue undertones. It was just a bit bright for me but if you love your bold lips then I'm sure you would love it! It definitely gives off a Taylor Swift vibe!

Boho Nude
This is the darkest nude out of the three. On pale skin it is less of a nude and more like 'Velvet Teddy' by 'M.A.C' so I think this shade would look amazing on more tanned skin. If you love your brown nudes then you will love this colour.

My Nude
This is my favourite nude from the collection. It's very girly and very pink. I think you could wear this shade all year long, it works for any season but I have to say, this has been my go to lipstick this summer!

Rock n' Roll Nude
This is the last nude in the collection. It's ever so slightly pinky and it reminds me a lot of 'Creme Cup' by 'M.A.C'. I didn't pick this one up because it is very light and it washed me out slightly and I am already quite pale so I didn't want to look dead! So I think this shade is definitely for someone with more of a tan.

I think the packaging of this collection is pure perfection! As a girl who is obsessed with rose gold I'm sure you could imagine how excited I was to see these in my local drugstore! These are actually currently on display in my room!

The actual quality of the lipsticks are incredible! They are incredibly creamy and light, leaving your lips feeling smooth and soft. The consistency of the products, again, is fabulous! They glide on to your lips incredibly easily. The consistency is very much like a creamy lip butter.

Throughout the day I would say I only have to re-apply these lipsticks once which in my opinion is incredible! I re-apply the lipstick after lunch and even then the pigmentation of the lipstick isn't completely lost just slightly faded but, me being a perfectionist, I have to re-apply it to perfection!

Overall I would rate this collection:

I really hope you enjoyed this review! I had a lot of fun writing this and taking the photos for this blog post!
I'll see you very soon with some very exciting blog posts *insert smirky face emoji*


Monday, 8 August 2016

Take A Break | Motivational Monday #2

Hello fellow blog lovers!
So it's been a while since I've posted, I guess you could say that I took a short break. Which got me thinking about the perfect subject to write about for today's Motivational Monday!
Taking a Break.
So as some of you may know I have a YouTube channel which I actually created before I started this blog but recently I haven't found making YouTube videos as enjoyable as I used to, so I've decided to take a break from making YouTube videos. 
I don't know how long this break will be; maybe a month, two months or a year or so but I just need to take a break.
I've decided to focus on my blog because I am absolutely loving writing blog posts at the moment (and I hope you are enjoying reading them, haha).

So my point is that it's okay to take a break if you need one. 
Remember breaks aren't permanent so you don't have to stop doing what you're doing forever.
I know one day that I will definitely go back to making videos but at the moment I want to focus on my blog because it's what I am really enjoying right now. So I guess this coincides with my last 'Motivational Monday', 'Do More Of What Makes You Happy'. 
Only do things that make you happy and the things that don't then just take a break from it, you can always go back to it later but if you don't want to then don't.
Taking a break is not a crime and its very much needed!

So for those of you that watch my YouTube videos I just wanted to let you know that this is just a break and I will be going back to it but not for a while. I am just going to try and make my blog better and more consistent posts.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I know its not the best but I wanted to get something up! I have a few very exciting posts coming up throughout August!

Remember to take a break! Especially through summer!

See you soon!