Monday, 8 August 2016

Take A Break | Motivational Monday #2

Hello fellow blog lovers!
So it's been a while since I've posted, I guess you could say that I took a short break. Which got me thinking about the perfect subject to write about for today's Motivational Monday!
Taking a Break.
So as some of you may know I have a YouTube channel which I actually created before I started this blog but recently I haven't found making YouTube videos as enjoyable as I used to, so I've decided to take a break from making YouTube videos. 
I don't know how long this break will be; maybe a month, two months or a year or so but I just need to take a break.
I've decided to focus on my blog because I am absolutely loving writing blog posts at the moment (and I hope you are enjoying reading them, haha).

So my point is that it's okay to take a break if you need one. 
Remember breaks aren't permanent so you don't have to stop doing what you're doing forever.
I know one day that I will definitely go back to making videos but at the moment I want to focus on my blog because it's what I am really enjoying right now. So I guess this coincides with my last 'Motivational Monday', 'Do More Of What Makes You Happy'. 
Only do things that make you happy and the things that don't then just take a break from it, you can always go back to it later but if you don't want to then don't.
Taking a break is not a crime and its very much needed!

So for those of you that watch my YouTube videos I just wanted to let you know that this is just a break and I will be going back to it but not for a while. I am just going to try and make my blog better and more consistent posts.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I know its not the best but I wanted to get something up! I have a few very exciting posts coming up throughout August!

Remember to take a break! Especially through summer!

See you soon!

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