Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Chocolate Nest Easter Treats

It's almost Easter and I think we all know what that means... chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!
Last week my best friend Livvy, and I baked 12 adorable Easter chocolate nests and so... can you guess what this post is going to be about? Today I'm going to tell you how to make 12 chocolate nests  (it's so easy!) 

What you will need:
- 6 Bars of shredded wheat
- 400g of chocolate (2 bars)
- Syrup
- Easter Decorations

1. Break the 400g of chocolate into a bowl.
2. Put the bowl over a pan of boiling water and gently stir the chocolate to melt it.
3. Once the chocolate has melted, crumble the 6 bars of shredded wheat into the bowl with the chocolate (at this point you can take the bowl of the heat).
4. Stir the wheat and chocolate to cover the wheat completely.
5. Add in a small amount of syrup (this will help it stick together).
6. Spoon the mixture into 12 (cute) cake cases and of course eat any remainders left!
7. Then, decorate, decorate, decorate... with of course easter themed treats! Add some mini eggs to create your 'proper' nest.
8. Put your nests in the fridge for about 1 hour to let them set.

Now they are ready to eat! See how easy that was?!

These are an absolute must throughout Easter and are the most scrummiest treats ever!
Have you ever made Easter nests?


Saturday, 4 March 2017

Moving On

Long time know  see  write (sorry). Before you read the actual post I have some news! 
I have now created a YouTube Channel so click here to be taken over to my channel. I already have a couple videos uploaded and I am loving making YouTube videos so make sure you go and subscribe! 
Anyway, today's post is a little bit different to all my others so grab a drink and enjoy!

I feel like there comes a time in most peoples lives when you just wake up and have a 'lightbulb moment'. You start asking yourself questions like;
Is this normal?
Do I deserve this?
What am I doing?
Why have I put up with this so long?
Obviously, you don't just suddenly wake up and think this, there will have been a series of events leading up to these thoughts.

I've just had my 'lightbulb moment'. I realised I have been holding on to something toxic just because there was 'history' behind it. But history isn't a reason to hold on to something.

I was holding on to people who didn't bring the best out in me anymore. Not to say they didn't once before, it's just, they're going left and I'm going right, which is fine. 
I don't want to have to pretend to be something I'm not when I'm around 'friends'. I don''t want to have to filter what I say when I'm around them in fear of it getting round, I don't think that's what friendship is.
I'm fed up of putting in 110% and not getting the same back. Clearly I'm not 'cool' enough to be invited to things outside of the school halls, and I won't change who I am for people who I know don't care about me the same way I care about them. I'm just seen as a back-up for when things go wrong, and I'm done with that. 

I've given out way too many second chances.

I think it's time I distance myself and finally cut this negativity out of my life. I have had my confidence knocked down by these people for so long and for a while I lost sense of who I was. But now I've gained that sense back and I'm so ready to meet new people, and start again.
2017 is looking good.

So, this post was quite hard for me to write as it's so personal and on my blog there aren't many posts where I connect with you guys on a personal level rather than just a beauty level.
I know this post is quite vague but I might go into a bit more detail someday.

Let me know in the comments if you've ever experienced anything like this and how you dealt with it.

Until next time...
Katy xoxo

Saturday, 14 January 2017

M.A.C Warm Neutral Palette Review

(From left to right: Hey/Warm Breeze/Gingersnap/Dark Brew/ Dance in the Dark/Brule/Vanilla Extract/Honey Lust/Amber Lights/Saddle/Lemon Tart/Creative Copper/Butterfudge/Divine Decadence/Unwind)

I'm writing this blog post of Friday the 13th and this is my 13th post... whshh; mind blown.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!
So, I had been eyeing up a certain eyeshadow palette by M.A.C and I had tried out lots of different eyeshadows out in the M.A.C store so I knew a lot of them were very pigmented. When I got a M.A.C voucher for my birthday, I finally took the plunge and bought the 'Warm Neutral' palette.
So I thought I would help all of you lovely people out by reviewing this glorious palette and clarifying... is it really worth the buy?
But... before we get into the review, who noticed that I have actually stuck to one of my 17 Goals For 2017 and am actually posting on time *winkey face*.

This cost around £40 for me but I managed to get this on sale so usually this would cost £60 which is fairly expensive but as we all know, M.A.C doesn't come cheap! 

It comes with a mix of warm browns, warm creams and a lot of gold and orange-y brown. Overall, a beautiful range of warm shades. I think this palette is perfect for all seasons, you can go for a dark, autumnal look in Autumn, a warm golden look for the festive season, and a glory, bronze look for Summer and Spring!

This palette comes with 15 beautiful warm, neutral shades. 
Two of which are completely matte (Brule and Saddle)
Thirteen of which are shimmery, although some are more shimmery than others (Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance In The Dark, Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Lemon Tart, Creative Copper, Butterfudge, Divine Decadence, Unwind).
My favourite from the palette would have to be Gingersnap, Dark Brew and although this is an odd mossy green shade I find it compliments my eyes so I would also say Unwind.

Overall, I found that the majority of shades were very pigmented and easy to apply and blend however a few shades weren't.
I would say all the lighter shades are incredibly pigmented and with a few quick swipes of these shades over the lid you're good to go however if you're going for more of a darker look, I found that this was a bit trickier. 
A few of the more darker shades were a lot harder to apply. They were fairly pigmented but the actual product doesn't move across the lid very easily, it tends to stick and isn't as... flexible — shall we say— as hoped but I'm sure with a good primer, this can be resolved.
Again the same goes for the matte shades. I tend to put the matte shades in the crease of my eye and then blend them out but these shades seem to stick and it becomes very hard to blend it out into a gorgeous smokey eye. But again this can be sorted with a good primer.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good palette. It isn't quite as wonderful as my Naked palette but it is definitely better than anything I have tried in the drugstore... although I have heard Revolution have great palettes.
To be quite honest, I am very happy with this palette and I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it!
I would definitely recommend this to anyone humming and harring over buying a palette.

Thank you very much for reading and I truly hope this was helpful! 
What is your favourite shade from the palette? What is your go-to, holy grail eyeshadow palette?
Until next Saturday...
Katy xoxo

Sunday, 8 January 2017

17 Goals For 2017

2016 has been a pretty rough year me and I think it's been that way for everyone and I think most of us are pretty happy to see it go. To make sure I don't repeat a year like 2016 again, I have made 17 goals for 2017 and let's hope (she says with crossed fingers) that I can stick to them...

Ever since I've had my blog, I have never really stuck to an actual blogging schedule, I have just posted when I felt like posting. This year is going to be different, I am am going to upload a blog post every Saturday, and maybe a few other posts throughout the week if I feel like it. But there will always be at least one post up a week on Saturday.

This is one of my main goals for this year. For me and many others, 2016 was a very negative year. I constantly felt like there was a big grey cloud hanging over my head. This year I am cutting all negativity and any people causing any negativity out of my life.

This goal links to my first goal. Again, ever since I've had my blog I haven't really posted that much on my Instagram or Twitter  so this year you can look forward to a hell of a lot of photos and tweets ;) 

One of my favourite things to do is to ride my bike but for some odd reason I never seem to go out for a cycle that much. So this year I will be doing many cycle rides up and down the beach... and of course stop off for a hot chocolate along the way.

I absolutely LOVE the look of long, wavy hair and I've always wanted to have hair like the girls on tumblr but every time I start growing out, I always get bored and end up cutting it off into a messy lob. Which does look nice but I really want to try out having long hair. I'm already about halfway to where I want to be.

Okay, so my room always seems to get quite messy, I literally don't even know how it happens, but, it does. 2017 is the year I am going to  get everything all neat and organised again and that includes trying to keep my room tidy. Please remind me of this one, I have a feeling I'm going to forget this one!

Recently I have really been getting into my fashion, however it is veerrryy different to what everyone wears at my school so as you can imagine, on mufti days, I stick out like a sore thumb. Although I love my fashion and I feel like I can conquer the world when I'm wearing something I like, sometimes I can feel a little self-conscious as my outfits are marmite (you either love it or hate it). However, feeling self-conscious is no more!

Throughout 2016, I didn't really go out that much with my friends or on my own. This year I am going to arrange things with the people that make me happy or if I need a bit of me-time, just go sit in a coffee shop and read my book... or write a blog post.

Linking to my last goal, I haven't really spend enough time with my family this year, just little things like going out for a meal, or sitting in the same room together, I've let work stress me out too much and so I've missed out on making great memories. This leads me onto my next point.

2016 has been one of the hardest years, work-wise and it's safe to say that I have struggled. I got too stressed out and let it take over my life. When I get stressed I don't think straight meaning I can't get much work done. This year I am going to take breaks as I didn't last year. I'm going to take time out for me.

I know this sounds bad. It sounds like I completely neglected him last year which I didn't. I do spend lots of time with my dog but not as much as I used to and I want things to go back to the way they were. We used to play for hours and I used to go on every walk but because I got so stressed I used to just skip the walks which I'm not going to do this year.

I've always been awful at working out. I do P.E at school... only because I have to, I windsurf throughout spring and summer and I sometimes do yoga but I'm not very good at regularly working out. Now, I'm going to work out at least every weekend... I suspect that this won't last very long haha.

My skin-care routine has always been... okay, but never amazing. I'm going to look after my skin a bit more this year, so if you have any good skincare products that you are dying to share then just comment below because I'm on a hunt.

As I am very tall for my age, I'm constantly looking down to talk to people, and bending over to do my work, my posture is getting pretty bad. I am going to make an effort to stand up straight with my shoulders back and chin tall.

2016 wasn't the best year for me and my confidence kind of hit rock bottom and I do know that, that comes with being a teenager. I'm going to work on myself and become of proud of who I am and stop caring about what other people think.

With it being a new year I think it's fairly fitting to meet new people and make new friends (maybe I'll even make some blogging buddies, haha). I'm not sure where I'm going to meet new people but who knows, maybe I'll meet a nice person while drinking hot chocolate in a cute coffee shop and then start talking about our favourite PLL episodes (yes, I did just drop in a mention about PLL, because as you all know, I am obsessed with PLL).

2016 has been very negative and grey. I have felt down pretty much the whole year. This year, I am going to think positively about everything and try to remember that,
for every negative, there are at least three positives.

So there we have it! All my 17 goals for 2017. Well done if you made it through the whole post because it was very long! 
If you made it this far then comment what your main goal is for 2017 below. And do you think anything should stay in 2016? *cough the dab cough*.

See you next Saturday!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas is Coming!

I hope you like the rather lovely candid (and this was actually candid, not 'posed' candid, haha) photo of my mum!

It's the first of December, woo yeah! 
I think it's safe to say that we can definitely start getting into the Christmas-y spirit... although I have been in the Christmas-y spirit since the end of August (ridiculous, right?).

A couple nights ago the 'Coca-Cola' van visited my town, and of course, I took my wonderful camera because I wanted to share the experience with all of you and hope to get you into a festive mood if aren't in one already!
Up until this year I didn't know that the Coca-Cola vans existed, I just thought they were used for the Christmas adverts for Coke, but then a friend of mine (also a Christmas crazy person, like me) was discussing Christmas with me and told me that visiting the van was a family tradition of hers and I thought that was amazing! I wanted a Coca-Cola van tradition! So, I spoke to my parents and they weren't feeling very festive and thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to get into the festive spirit! It was definitely a fusion of festivity and I would definitely recommend going! The van is still touring to a couple of towns and you can find out if your town hasn't been visited yet on the Coca-Cola website... but if not, there's always next year!

I decided to wrap up nice and warm and cosy to go to this event because it was absolutely freezing! Minus two degrees! It's definitely Winter now! 
I wore:
Bobbly hat : New Look
Scarf : Primark
Jumper : TopShop
Coat : New Look
Disco Pants : American Apparel
Shoes : Converse

I hope you enjoyed this mid-week blog post! I thought it would be nice for the first of December!
When do you start feeling festive? Are you also a Christmas crazy person?
And remember 'Holidays are coming', until next time...

Ps. I promise this isn't sponsored by Coke... although it does look like it! 
Pps. I would like to thank the girl who let me use her hands as a model for my photograph ... you had some pretty cool gloves!

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