Friday, 6 May 2016

My Blog

Hello there!

Well, I guess today is the day that I finally start a blog. After having a blogger account for three years, reading other fashion, advice, beauty blogs, and contemplating whether to start my own, today is the day that I actually start my blog.

So, this is my very incy wincy corner of the internet. 

Where do I start?
Maybe I should start by telling you all (those of you who are actually reading this) why I have started a blog and why it has taken me so long.

Okay, I've always wanted to express my feelings, share my interests. The only problem is I tend to bottle up all my feelings and not really tell anyone about them. 
Why do I do that? Honestly, I don't know.
So, I started to write in an ever so beautiful diary... that lasted a week.
A year later, I started another diary... that lasted a month.
I was getting nowhere.
Then, not so long ago, I stumbled across a platform called youtube. I was fascinated by it and started my own channel.
I told all my friends about it, so once again I was still bottling all my feelings up.

I don't want to bottle up my feelings anymore. I want to get all my feelings out of a never ending 'Mary Poppins' bag.

I have always loved writing and so I thought it was about time, I stopped being scared about sharing my thoughts, giving my opinions and on Friday the 6th of May, I created my blog 'KatyTallulah'.
But this time round, I'm not telling anyone, this is a place where I can be true and if someone I know happens to stumble across my blog in the not too distant future then I guess I will just deal with it then...
but right now, this blog is secret, but not anonymous.

KatyTallulah is a place of happiness. A place where I share my beauty favourites, fashion bits and bobs that I have been loving, and other serious topics, like, how to cope in stressful times...
but this blog isn't just for me, it's for all of you as well, feel free to interact and comment your opinions as well!
It's one big sleepover!

I'm going to think of this as my blank canvas, and every blog post, comment, read, is a little dot of paint.

Well, either I'm going to look back at this blog post and smile, or I am going to look back and think 'God, Katy, why are you so cheesy, you ain't a margherita pizza!', oh god, I'm already cringing!
That's one thing you will have to put up with if you read my blog... cheesiness!