Monday, 11 July 2016

Happiness || Motivational Monday #1

So I have been reading Sprinkle of Glitter's blog for quite some time and have always loved it when she did her 'Motivational Monday' blog posts every so often because as we all know Mondays are not the nicest of days (who am I kidding, they're horrible!)
After reading these for a while I have realised that there is nothing better than starting off a day with a positive mind and with the help of these blog posts I have approached Mondays with a positive mindset rather than the sluggish usual approach to a Monday that always fills me with dread.
So, I thought that I would start my own Motivational Monday series on my blog that I will post most Mondays preferably in the morning (unlike this post which is being posted much too late due to my unorganisation).
*Disclaimer - I do not take credit for this idea I know this was started by Sprinkle of Glitter, I know I'm being a copycat, haha.

So sit down, grab a cold, refreshing drink (because it's summer baby, wooo) and get ready to be motivated!
So you may have noticed (the very small amount of wonderful people who have decided to read my blog) that I haven't posted in over two months *smacks the back of hand. 
Why? To be honest I'm not totally sure, maybe I thought I was being silly thinking that little old me could actually maintain a blog. I shouldn't have thought that though because sure it's not as fancy and exciting as other blogs but it's mine and I do put effort in to my blog and it makes me happy.
So that got me thinking of the perfect subject to talk about to start off my Motivational Monday series... happiness. 
So I turned to the true god of motivation... Pinterest.

(Source: Pinterest)

This is one of my favourite quotes and it totally puts across what I'm trying to say. Does blogging make me happy? Yes, it does so why did I stop? If anything I should blog more because it does make me happy.
Don't give up on anything that makes you happy even if it scares you because in the long run you will feel great once it's accomplished.

So even though this was a very short start to my Motivational Monday series, I do hope that it was effective!


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